Review Janeal Falor "YOU ARE MINE!"

It was a outmost pleasure reading "YOU ARE MINE!" I was really surprised by this book!

I love how I've never read something like this before, the whole male dominated society, women being sold for their only worth (magic that flows in blood)

We meet Serena, who's a really great character, she's trying hard to be the one she should be (submissive to her master, husband, warlock) 
Her inner battles I just love!
At seventeen she is to be tested for how much she is worth and finds out that she quite worth something, and is promised to warlock councillor Thomas, a really real ass! But at a tournament for warlocks her master is killed in the game by another man, zade. 
Everything that Thomas owned is given to zade, including Serena. 
Zade is a character that is hard to describe, first I thought he was just another jerk, but as the book progresses you find to like zade ( or I did)

It's a book worth reading!

The author is a great writer, and I think that she describe her vision so good, that you can see it while you read.

I will definitely recommend this book ! Especially readers who looks for something new ! "

Personally I am looking forward to read the next book :)

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