Review David Torres "unrestricted rising"

Review David Torres "unrestricted rising" 

Unrestricted rising starts off where restricted renegade left off. 
We still follow Rachel and David and their head on battles to free the mainland. 
Everything is intensified to the max in this second instalment ! 

Rachel and David's lives take a huge turn in this book, and we follow their fights, sorrow and love.
We really get to see who Rachel is when she sets on to rescue her mother from these disgusting rats! She gets her revenge against Johnson ahh what a great moment! Rachel is really maturing during this book, and you get to know her much better. 

David is being poisoned by the biggest ***** argh I really hate her! Knew there was something fishy about her! So much of the book David is in third person, he is in there but the poison controls him most of the time. 

It's very detailed and so much is happening, and you see the whole world changeing. It's exiting, enthralling with hot action and passionate love! 

I simply can't wait till the next book arrives! 

"The key… The key is in our blood… The key is in my blood…"

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