Review Christine Manzari " Conviction "

Review Christine Manzari "Conviction" second in the sophisticated series 

AMAZING! I don't know how she does it? 

We continue on the story of Cleo and her friends the deviant dozen. Cleo's love story with Ozzy has some turns and twists. There is sooo much happening in the book that it would be to much to write! 
But I'm gonna try anyways; 
Cleo is still refusing to use the abilities or more like afraid to use it, because of the monster within and afraid to hurt other people.. She later suffers from horrific accusations against her ( drama ) and her friends turn from her. 

ROMANCE!! Uh yes here it comes! Cleo is a naughty girl! And how Ozzy just loves it! Their relationship takes turn to a much hotter side and it continues to grow. Even though they hit a huge bump on the road. 

Again Christine is a geniune brilliant writer and her skilles has improved viciously to the more than good side ! She really did a knock out with this one! Had me all consumed in a reading bubble!

The story is something you can NEVER guess and you keep getting confused with each turn it takes.
Don't get me started on that ending (cliffhanger) !!!!! Now I definitely can't wait until the next book! 

This one has romance, action, drama, loyalty, suspense and most of all, very well developed characters with super powers !! 
As I stated in my review of Deviation; It's a book you should read, not read about!!

You’re no less a monster than I am.” - Rune 

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