Review Heather Beck "Frostbitten"

Review Heather Beck "Frostbitten"

We start of right into it all. We meet Anastasia Lockhart, a troubled seventeen year old, that have had been send away to live with her grandparents, that lives in Ceder Falls.

Already at the first chapter we meet a handsome mysterious stranger and get this feeling that a love affair is starting. Their love is instant but The young man "Frost" has secrets. 

This book is not like other werewolf books, this is more romantic and sweet. It's definitely for the younger readers (under 18) 

It's a great and sweet book and was very well written, but at the whole time reading it, I felt that there was something missing, like dept or something. Also it resembles twilight a bit too much. 
Even so it did end with a huge cliffhanger and I'm intrigued if to the next one has more to it than what reaches the eyes....

"Great beauty hides dark secrets... "

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