David Torres - Interview

I had this amazing chance to send some interview questions to David Torres! 
And here's the result!

1. When did you first figure that you wanted to become a writer?

I never wanted to become a writer. It pretty much just happened out of nowhere when I decided to write a book. And as it turned out, I loved writing. I had things I wanted/needed to tell people, but rather than preach to others, it was much easier to write a book where it would be entertaining and dramatic while still getting the message across. Now that I've published 2 books, I know I am an author and I will continue to be one, even though it is not my intended career of choice.

2. What do you do when not writing? 

When I'm not writing, I stay at home to play some computer games. I always read at night. And I take college classes. And it's always a MUST to have time to spend with my friends. Any other time when I'm not doing any of the activities listed above, it's very likely I'm writing.

3. How did you choose the genre you write in?

I was especially interested in the Young Adult genre because when I started writing Restricted Renegade, i was a young adult myself. I love the chaos teens face in the novels because they are faced with a major conflict while still struggling through the challenges of adolescence such as understanding and dealing with our hormones and taking that big step towards maturity. The romance in young adult also interested me because all the emotions associated with love are intensified by the lust hormones create, and therefore, everything is that much more intimate, such as how a light caress can cause a tremendous effect toward a character.

4. Is there any author or writer, that inspired you to become a writer? 

I wasn't inspired by any authors or writers. It was my ideas that gave me the guts to open that blank word document and begin typing. But while I was writing, I never stopped reading.

5. How was you inspired to write " restricted renegade"? 
I began typing on a blank word document without any idea where the story was heading. But eventually, the story wrote itself. It evolved on its own and all I had to do was write it down. And after polishing and tying a few things together, I had the first edition of Restricted Renegade.

6. What's your favourite part in " restricted renegade"? 

I would have to say my favorite part is in Chapter 16. I'm a sucker for romance and I love how drawn to each other the characters Rachel and David are to each other.

7. Which of the characters are your favourite? And why?

As the author, I can't really decide which character is my favorite. Each and every character has a certain trait that I absolutely love. Rachel and David are the characters with most depth, sure, but the other characters each have a certain quirk that I love.
Lukas is an Unrestricted Elite, but he's laid back and still has a boyish charm.
JT is the kind of guy who solves puzzles before bed and finds his work on his own innovations much more important than sleep.
Brian is kind and courteous. He's the type of guy who is easy to get along and would no doubt become your best friend.
Brianna... wow. She's beautiful bright and bubbly and a total girly girl and an excellent comic relief.
There's more characters, so instead of telling you all what I like about them, read the book yourselves and look for key distinguishing traits to each character and find what you love about them. I'd love to hear from you all.

8. How did you create Rachel? What was your inspiration ? 

The character of Rachel was based of a close friend. She's headstrong and ridiculously stubborn, and though she knows how to take care of herself, she is still a shy girl at times and has one of the biggest hearts I know, just like Rachel Mercer. Eventually, Rachel started becoming her own character rather than being a reflection of my friend, but I was inspired by my friend.

9. Is there anything you would change in one of your books?

I believe I've done the best I can in my books. The story has been set, and I'm satisfied with the end result. But I would always like to have been able to write better descriptions and with more creative writing. That's something that will never change because it's something for me to strive for.

10. How did you create your world in restricted series?

The society in the Restricted Saga was a challenging world to create. I wanted to make it futuristic, but not so much so to where the technology is ridiculously mind boggling. I wanted the technology to be believable and achievable. As for the government and isolated nation, i wanted to have a society that is all too possible to happen with the way things are going today.

11. What project are you working on now?

I am working on book 3 of the restricted Saga. I still don't have a title worked out yet, and the story still isn't set in stone or finished. But I can estimate that ARCs will be available around March of 2015.

12. If you were stranded on a island alone, and only could bring 3 thing with you, what would you bring?

This is where I think like David Thompson. I would bring a hunting knife, flint, and a warm jacket.

13. Is there anything you would like to say, to your readers? 

Ahoalton: To love one another.

Thanks to you David Torres!

See more from David at his website http://unrestrictedblueha.wix.com/restrictedhawk

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