Review Janeal Falor "MINE TO SPELL"

Review Janeal Falor "MINE TO SPELL" This book is the second book in "MINE" Series 

In this book we follow Cynthia, Serenas sister. 
Like the first book, we meet this wonderfull strong girl, but this girl can do magic! She learned magic by her self, even tho girls wasn't suppose to could do magic. 

Cynthia is a good sister who sets herself at risk, so hopefully people would leave her family alone, since Serena was freed from ownership and their father being in prison. Cynthia desides to out herself into the marriage pool, and chooses this horrible man! But before he can do something to her, she uses her magic to get away, and force him to free her, just like her sister. 
Cynthia a free woman now, but doesn't know where it go? But luckily Zade, her sisters boyfriend has people on his side. One of them finds Cynthia wondering around town, wet and cold. 
Rain coat man or just Lukas is a sweet man from another country, and fights against these unfair conditions for women in Chardonia. 

This is a really great book! And must say I really dig all this strong women stuff! 
Cynthia is such a great character who is kinda like how many strong women is today! And don't get me talking about  Lukas ! What a great man! 
I like that this romance between them isn't a huge part of the book. I think it was nice to follow Cynthia's preparation to compete in the tournament. 

This book is definite a great book, And Janeal is such a great writer! You can really visualise what you read, and that for me is the definition of a great book + it really helps that this a such a wonderful story ! 

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