Charlene Hartnady "Stolen by the alpha wolf #2"

Review Charlene Hartnady "Stolen by the alpha wolf #2"

*I received this in exchange for a honest review*

Ohhh I don't know if I can write this review without spoilers!!
But I'm gonna really try!
Well Stephany arrived back at her coven again, being sad and missing her alpha wolf Ward deeply "...her alpha. No, dammit…not hers." after two months of keeping it a secret, she starts to notice changes in her self and decides to tell Tanya ( the queen of vampires "chosen by the vampire kings") and for not telling any spoilers I must stop here! But oh god, I just love Stephanys story! And I'm sooo exited to read the next installment of her very thrilling story!

And again wow! Charlene you rock!

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