Review Wren Figueiro "For Atancia"

Review Wren Figueiro "For Atancia" #2 in the Durand duology

I'm so amazed by Wrens way to plot and get it down in paper and he didn't disappoint in this number two in his Durand adventure!

Number two carries on from were the first left of. Atancia is running from Ben and his family with Matthew after she learned that they wasn't all that good, and was using her for her ability to transfer energy to make money. Now Matthew and Atancia is in search for Atancias mother.
While bidding from Ben and his family, the duo travel around a lot and finally finds people who can help them.

I love how Matthew is Matthew !! He is so sweet, genuine, caring and just really really loveable!! His control for his love of Atancia is just so amazing, he loves her but loves her so much to let her have her space to grow. I liked that 90% of the book is from Matthews POV. I feel that I got to know both Matthew and Atancia in a whole other level due to his very observant eyes ( again Wren, you are such a great writer)

Atancia rises to a whole new level in this book, she grows a lot and becoming an adult ( most of the time) and off course she grows in her understanding for her powers which makes the story more exciting.

This is such a great story and it's filled with passion, love, loyalty, family, betrayal, lots of action and adventure.

"The first time I felt Atancia Clark I lost my balance and fell in mud." - Matthew

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