Review A.C. Heller "Fate"

Review A.C. Heller "Fate" from the sacrifice series 

This book starts off head on! We meet Chas who's had a hard life being orphaned at a very young age and beging brought up in foster care. Well Chas has just been abducted! And not knowing why or by whom. We meet this total (mysterious, hot) stranger who's there's to save Chas from her abductor " Takeo" Actually they are two, but Takeo is the mysterious hot stranger you just get this wow feeling of. 

It doesn't even take half a chapter before I'm hooked on this book! 
This whole inner dialog Chas has is hilarious, that girl got some humor! 

Anyways! after being saved, she is brought back into safety with the brothers, in some unknown facility. It's here she learns that she is from this divine bloodline and thats when this compelling story begins! 

This book is the start of a great story filled with good vs. evil, love and danger. 
It's a story that's been thought of and thought throw ( or so that's the feeling you get) 

Can't wait to read more about Chas and Takeo ( and the others of course ) in the next installment !! 

"The prophecy speaks of a daughter born among humans, unaware of her b irth right. Just like the Angels that fell from heaven, she was damned by her own blood to be a victim of her own abilities. Her hair as gold as the dawn, eyes like morning dew, she is grace in its purest form. In her life she will truly love only one, taking the dark from his soul; she will allow it to consume her. Sacrificing herself, her heart, and her soul. The warrior..."

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