Review Emme Rollins "meeting trouble "

Meeting Trouble by Emme Rollins 

I got it free on Amazon, I was bored and needed something to read! 
So I started reading, and Thus book just took me by storm right from the start! It's a little different from all of these typical romance story's with a super rich businessman. 

Rob burns is a rock star! Oh yes one of those sexy ones! 
But to the story 
Sabrina is a music teacher, and really crazy fan of the band called trouble, and when she and her best friend Katie hears that trouble is coming to Detroit they got front row tickets.
But as a lucky accident they got to the concert late, and couldn't find a door open yet! Because suddenly two guys came bargain through the door Sabrina and Katie was banging at, Sabrina was hit by the door! 
And by not telling too much I must stop now! 

This book is really hot and exiting but mostly it was surprising !

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