Review David Torres "Restricted Renegade"

Review David Torres "Restricted Renegade" from restricted series 

This book utterly surprised me! First I was very skeptic about all this dystopia theme! 
But as progress began, I was more and more surprised and fell totally in love with this book! 

We meet Rachel, who's 16 years old, and is about to being bridged ( getting assigned her job, getting a new home, being an adult ) I like Rachel a lot, she seems to not being ready to get on to be an adult jet! But okay who was that as sixteen ? 
When her big day arrives, she is assigned to be an LEO ( law enforcement officer ) just like her dad was. Which she is not happy about! 
But she copes with it and is trained ( with help from enhancement drugs ) 
When David appears wow! (Actually we met him quite early in the story but we didn't know who he was) he is mysterious, and right away you can almost feel their attraction ! 

There is clearly something going on between the lines, something that makes you question mark everything and everyone! 
Reality is dependent on perspective. 
Reality can become fiction just as fiction can become reality or a possibility of reality just by one's perspective. Question EVERYTHING!" 

David Torres is a first time author, and I really must say, that he did a damn fine job! 
This universe is something you could imagine, and David does a splinted job to describe everything to that extent that you clearly can imagine and see everything ! 

And one more thing! " iris" is one of my favourites ! I love this technologie ! "She" could be something we all will use in the future! Terrifying !   

Ahoalton. To love one another.


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