Friday, 30 January 2015

News from David Torres!

Unrestricted Rising will be FREE on amazon January 30- February 3rd!!!! Make sure you grab your free copy before the weekend flies by! That is 464 pages of action and romance all in one for 0 money!

In other news, The Unabridged Audiobook for Restricted Renegade is now live on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Just click on the second link to check out the sample.

"After liberating County #203 LEOs from the influence of the ARES broadcast, Rachel must face her demons and take her place within the Unrestricted Forces. But when Uh-Kuh is conquered by a feral group of humans the Unrestricted call The Rats, Rachel is dead set on rescuing her mother and friends.

With County #203 in need of leadership, a long lost friend—Melody Vandergeld, who seems to be hiding ulterior motives—convinces David to take up the role of Congressman. But when David renegades to the Mainland for an unknown reason, Rachel is left questioning who or what caused this betrayal.

With Uh-Kuh taken over and David missing, it is now up to Rachel to liberate Uh-Kuh and rescue David. Sacrifices must be made.

The War has only just begun."

About David Torres

I never once thought that I would be a writer. Honestly, it was just a little inkling floating around in my head which I decided to gaze upon. And just like that I thought to myself, “I should write a book. Yeah… a book.” I never had the intention of publishing it either and it wouldn't have gone up without the persistence, support, and encouragement from an amazing group of people. It took three years of my life to finish this beast, and I am proud to finally have it finished for all to read.

I am a new writer and a frequent reader interested in both writing and reading about action and adventure and suspense with romance mixed between all the chaos. I love to play music, especially Jazz guitar in a Jazz Ensemble.

Although I started out writing a book by a quick decision, it has quickly grown into a passion. The 
thrill of writing, once unknown, has revealed itself to me. I am currently working on the sequels for Restricted Renegade, and polishing a few other new book ideas.

I am also one of the biggest bookworms. I love Young Adult, Action an Adventure, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Dystopia and Paranormal Romance. Yes, I said Romance. Apparently, I really like romance novels. They just have to be good. Haha. 

David Torres is an amazing young author who writes these amazing books! Really the man is a genius! I can definitely recommend his books! 
Read my reviews of his first two books "Restricted Renegade" and "Unrestricted  Rising"

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